It's my pleasure to write this feedback in regard to the event. I would rather mention that as " THE ROYAL RECEPTION " Yes. You people really made the evening like a DREAM COME TRUE Starting from designing the theme, till completing it to the perfection, on the day, can't be explained in just words. The bride and groom were happy to the core on witnessing and enjoying the moment.
About replicating the reference stage, I never expected such a changeover. When compared with the reference, the original stage was far beyond imagination. All those lighting and extra features, added more beauty and royalty to it. The entry was decided at the last minute but it was spectacular. The wonderful men dressed in amazing soldier wear and the pride walk with the bride and groom along with the blasts and BGM was unforgettable to anyone present there.
Regarding the seating arrangements, it was just adequate and neat. Guests were able to visualize the moment through LED screens without any disturbance. The round tables and chairs in white and gold combo added flavor to the theme. The food menu was grand and was customized according to our wish. The food was absolutely delicious. Though we have heard some complaints on it, I feel that you have done the best you could. You didn't just abandon us, rather helped to tackle the issues as far as possible which should be appreciated and thanked.
The only way to bring back the memories is by Photography. It is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. It is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event. WhiteBells crew took an instant out of time, altering the moment by holding it still. The output was awesome. In fact, our family was able to sit back and watch which we missed on that day, through their lenses.
Music can change lives. Whether we have a good or a bad day, the power of music can change one's mood. The orchestra just made it true. They entirely changed the ambiance with their fantabulous talents. I would like to personally thank Mr. Dilip for his guidance and ideas in proceeding the event. He would never say NO for whatever I told. And just not only in words, he did what he promised. Thank you for being one among us and undertaking the event. I thank the whole team behind this extravaganza. We look forward in meeting you with another event soon !!!"


A huge thanks to the entire team-we absolutely couldn't have made it possible without you!. Everyone has been complimenting us about the wedding. Thanks again for being such a pleasure to work with on our wedding. All best wishes.


We were both very overwhelmed at how amazing our wedding was!. It was nothing less than a fairy tale come true!. It surpassed our expectations. Thank you team StarWeddings for all the efforts, help and support to make the wedding a perfect one!. I wish you all the success for your future! you guys are amazing!.


You made my wedding day the best day of my life!. Initially, we were very skeptical about a third party interference in the wedding planning!. But as the wedding planning started you guys made me and my family take a back seat in the wedding planning and relax!.


Thank you for making our day the bestest day of our lives!. It was a fairy-tale come true!. Like the one I've always dreamt of!. Right one from day 1 of planning, you were so helpful!. We didn't even know where to begin planning from, but with you knowledge and experience things took a smooth turn.


From makeup, to decor, to costumes and to food, your assistance was inevitable!. In addition to the work commitments, we loved the personal touch by your team; the hands on approach and the friendly behaviour made us feel very special!. And finally, a big thanks to all of you for your presence on the wedding day.

Hema Prasad

From the wedding venue, to makeup, to decor, to menus, to photography,... you were our oracle!. On our big day, we didn't have a single problem. You ensured things went smoothly and the wedding experience was stress free for us!. Everything was perfect, down to the smallest details.

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