Guest Management

Weddings planning usually starts off by preparing the guest list for the wedding. And we as Indians are extremely cautious to invite every relative that we know for the wedding. Our relatives hold marriage as a sacrosanct concept and would do anything that is needed to attend your wedding.

If a relative is invited, it is very rare that they do not attend because a wedding is such a fun and happy place to be and relatives make the entire place jovial and energetic.

But offering the best hospitality to relatives is actually tough during the time of wedding. Both the families of the bride and the groom would be engaged in their wedding preparations and welcoming all the relatives is practically difficult and to a certain extent impossible.

Imagine this scenario: 200 Relatives from a distant place arrive at your place a day before the wedding. You need to provide them comfortable accommodation and pick them up maybe at the bus or train station. But you also need to prepare yourself for the wedding tomorrow and you are at your wit’s end as to what to do.

Unfortunately, this scenario happens a lot during weddings but not anymore because StarWeddings has decided that it is time that we do the worrying and you do the enjoying.

We manage your guest list and would make sure that all your guests feel welcomed and provide suitable accommodation for staying.

StarWeddings is the leader of the Wedding Planning Industry and we make sure that your guests are properly taken care of.

To know more about our Guest Management services, get in touch with our representative or grace our office with your presence.

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