The most stunning ideas for innovative lightings @ your wedding

Whether it’s a Sangeet, a Cocktail Night or an evening Wedding, lighting is the one thing we always forget to plan for. At Starweddings, we are in fact partial to fairy lights or even chandeliers but really, what’s out there for new-age brides? We scourged the gallery for ideas and found some super creative stuff that’s gonna blow your mind. Now it’s up to your decor vendor to fulfill that promise so here’s some inspiration to get started!

The Light Jungle


Just weave a bunch of lights into a crazy pathway and make them look like a jungle – so chic and so much fun! And well, pictures under it tend to look so much better, innit?

Retro Bulbs


Mogra coupled with old retro 70s bulbs seems like a great idea to boot..

The Floral Garden


Cute bulbs embedded with flowers – those round bulbs really come with their own charm.

Fairy Light Canopy


Just a curtain of lights on top can make any wedding venue pop – just keep it simple silly!.

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