Simple Mehendi Designs for Brides Who Don’t Like To Go OTT!

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So are you a bride who doesn’t like an arm full of Mehendi on your big day? It could be due to an allergy, the repulsive smell or just not being fond of Mehendi. Whatever it is, it’s part of our tradition, and whether you like it or not, someone in the family will pretty much get you put at least a little bit on. That is exactly why StarWeddings  has put up a list of options for you, which will make you and everyone else happy! Simple and minimalistic Mehendi designs that solve the problem in a jiffy!

A Single Kali

Photo Courtesy: Mansi Siddapura Photography


A simple design that can be done quickly! A single kali on the front and the back on both the sides that ends at the wrist

Mehendi Jewellery

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest


Mehendi designs as jewelery are so unique and interesting! Plus, this can really stand out apart from the regular crowd who will have simpler Mehendi as well!

Lace Glove Henna

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Gorgeous isn’t it? Such a pretty idea!



Spaced out Arabian-inspired Mehendi

Photo Courtesy: Aayat’s Mehendi Studio


Arabian Mehendi designs are wow as it is, but this one just stands out so much !!

Matching hand and feet

Photo Courtesy: Alankritaa


Looks like a pair doesn’t it? A simple design for the bride who really doesn’t want much!

Circular Design in the Centre

Photo Courtesy: Saurabh Rungta Photography

Instead of doing the simple circle in the middle of the palm (which some brides do really prefer, btw), choose to do something a little more creative!

Just borders

Photo Courtesy: WEDMEGOOD


Instead of filling up the whole hand, you can even choose to get only borders designed that run through the front and back. Stands out, doesn’t it?

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