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 floral dupatta all 

A class act, the dupatta was entirely made out of flowers, basically mallipoo or jasmine buds. A border was made with other flowers but this one had so much sass. It’s easy to ask your florist to make and it sure does make your pictures look amazing.


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Mehendi Jhullas You’ll Absolutely Want At Your Shaadi!

Colorful paper cones!

They took a traditional jhulla and turned it into one from a fantasy land! Yellow and purple flowers twine around the poles while a curtain of colourful paper cones hangs above! And doesn’t that look super cute?! The yellow and purple colour scheme is our favorite too.

Image: Stories by Joseph Radhik on Instagram

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Designer Lehengas That Would Top Any Girl’s Wedding Wishlist!

StarWeddings  - A Complete Wedding Service Company Chennai

Now that the engagement is announced and the wedding date will soon be fixed, you need to start your wedding shopping, girl! And the first thing on any bride’s wish list is a stunning designer lehenga. To make your life easier, we’ve picked the most stunning designs from the latest collections of our favorite designers. You might find it hard to choose just one.

Make them green

This deep emerald green lehenga had us staring for the longest while. That colour would look fab on every girl and just look at the depth of embroidery work on this piece. Zoom in and stare.

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Gorgeous Maangtikas To Flaunt At The Next Shaadi Function!

Borla halke halke

Picture 1 of 7

Please excuse the dreadful pun and just focus on the borla, ok? All eyes will only focus on you as you enter the shaadi venue in all your finery and this beautiful gold-plated jewellery on your forehead!

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Pretty Hairstyles For The Summer Bride!

Summer weddings mean pool parties, easy breezy outfits, refreshing cocktails and celebrations that last all night long! And summer weddings also call for hairstyles that will keep you looking fresh and fabulous all day long. Here are  brides who are giving us some major hair-spiration for the upcoming summer weddings! Lots of pretty pictures of summer bridal hairstyles ahead!

The messy braid



Image: The Photo Diary

For her mehendi, She wore a green lehenga and styled her hair in a messy braid. It’s not just super stylish but also keeps the heat at bay. We simply love how fresh her overall look has turned out to be!

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Classic Jewelry Pieces That Will Take Care Of Every Outfit At Your Wedding!

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Different weddings come with different rules. Some are over-the-top, some are subtle. Some are glamorous but some are sublime. There might be different kinds of weddings, but the rules for the bride remain the same. And there is only one rule in that respect – the bride has to look unique and different, a little more glamorous than the rest of the crowd and absolutely gorgeous.

Great makeup, an excellent lehenga will do that for you – but what if we told you that it’s the jewellery that makes all the difference? Yes, it’s the shape, the quantity, the metal and mostly, the design that can make a bride stand out.

That’s where Platinum Evara comes into play – a design collection that spells avant-garde, modern and yet filled with emotions and memories. The metal is unique, just like the memories your parents gave you – so we give you 5 statement pieces that will change your wedding trousseau in more ways than one. And don’t forget, these are essential pieces that will take you up to glam heights even after your big day.

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Amazing braid styles inspired by South Indian bridal hairstyles

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Brides in South India take great pride in their glossy black tresses and using the right headpieces for a bride on her special day not only makes her look beautiful but also draws attention to her hairstyle. While Christian brides are usually content to wear a single decorative piece in their hair, Hindu brides are more likely to have an elaborate hairstyle decked with heavy jewelry. Here is a brief look at the headpieces which South Indian brides love to wear.

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We all know that make-up is best friend for most of the women, and some of us can’t picture themselves not wearing it. But the first thing people usually notice about your appearance, are the eyes. Want to look at a polished version of you on your wedding day? Even though wedding makeup is usually very simple and neutral, it’s one of the hardest makeup looks to create and it should last all day, inspite of all the crying, hugging, kissing, eating and dancing it has to be” PICTURE PERFECT”As it is your big day!
 Eye make-up can really change the way you look, open your eyes and brighten the face.To ensure that your foundation lasts the whole day, using a primer as a base is essential. It prepares the skin for make-up and creates a protective base that foundation can ‘grab onto’. Skin will remain shine-free and any pores or fine lines will be erased, leaving a smooth and perfect surface.

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