DIY Braids That Are Perfect For your Mehendi!

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In mostly all Indian weddings, your hair will probably be tied up and covered with a dupatta on your wedding day. That leaves the pre-wedding functions to give you an opportunity to get creative with your hairstyles. But have you maxed out your budget paying up for your bridal couture, the best makeup artist and hairstylist? Mehendi is one function that you can go low on so why not save the hairstylist money with these simple DIY braids. Braids are our favourite, they are the most versatile hairstyle and will suit anyone. Plus, they’re beautiful, easy and effortless!

The Bohemian Side Braid

This braid looks beautiful on coloured and long hair. You can put this off with a simple hair spray, few pins and a helping hand – a nice loose side braid! Do not forget to add flowers into the mix – roses, baby breaths and tiny flowers can be refreshing.!

Game of Thrones Braid

Love Sansa or Melisandre’s waterfall braids in GOT? We got you the perfect tutorial that you can replicate for your mehendi function. You can pull this one off even with short hair and adorn the plait at the back with some tiny flowers. Try it three ways: on top of a bun, small braids like a waterfall around the top of the hair or just braid wrapped around your head a la Sansa. This needs a bit of practice!!

The Topsy Fishtail Braid

Everyone loves a fishtail braid! Looks complex and gorgeous but is an actual cakewalk in the park. This is a little different version of the fishtail and the results are absolutely stunning. You can adore it with baby breath across the entire mane of hair.

Mohawk Braid

Mehendi is a slightly messy affair with all four limbs out of the working. If you are a no-fuss bride and want to have your hair off your face – this Mohawk braid –ponytail is your perfect answer! Two –in- One and how does it work? When you set up a mohawk right in front of your hair too, back-combing it to give it height before the braids begin!

The Messy Braid

Looking for something beyond just a simple braid yet DIY? This beautiful messy braid is one of the most romantic and gorgeous braids that we recommend as an answer to your question! Just curl up your hair and then braid it so it cascades into something really pretty – like a waterfall.

Mogra Braids

Simple braid – tightly set up and a mogra roll wound up, how cool is that? It’s quite popular with the South Indian brides and is very traditional too. Ask any aunt at the wedding and she’ll do a traditional braid, it’s that easy!

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