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Payasams Specialist – Starweddings

Starweddings Catering  - Specialist in Varieties of Payasams.

We prepare Payasams in traditional and authentic process in uruli (BELL METAL) only by which we get the aroma, real flavor and consistency of Payasams.

We use high quality ingredients like pal-ada, milk, pure ghee etc., for our cooking. We don’t compromise on quality.

We can proudly say we’re the only caterer that who still follow the traditional process in Payasams making.

Make your Auspicious day more joyous by our authentic traditional and hygienic food.

Best Varieties of Payasam

Payasam Special - Pls Call us 9600006335 | 9840844817

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The Most Amazing Fusion Dessert Ideas for your Wedding!

StarWeddings - A Complete Wedding Service Company Chennai

Bored of serving and eating the same old Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa and Ice Cream at every wedding? We agree that these are timeless Indian desserts which find a favorable palate in people of every age and type, but how about we mix things up a bit? If you’re looking to do something a little out-of-the-box for your wedding, then here is some amazing inspiration… some interesting desserts for Indian weddings.. some old, some new and some which are a mix of the two!

StarWeddings - A Complete Wedding Service Company Chennai

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Is it a Gulab Jamun, or is it a Cheesecake?… Wait… it’s both! An amazing way to bring together two favourites! And trust us, it tastes as good as it looks!

Gulkand Cupcakes

How adorable do these look? We are pretty certai...

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DIY Braids That Are Perfect For your Mehendi!

StarWeddings - A Complete Wedding Service Company Chennai

In mostly all Indian weddings, your hair will probably be tied up and covered with a dupatta on your wedding day. That leaves the pre-wedding functions to give you an opportunity to get creative with your hairstyles. But have you maxed out your budget paying up for your bridal couture, the best makeup artist and hairstylist? Mehendi is one function that you can go low on so why not save the hairstylist money with these simple DIY braids. Braids are our favourite, they are the most versatile hairstyle and will suit anyone. Plus, they’re beautiful, easy and effortless!

The Bohemian Side Braid

This braid looks beautiful on coloured and long hair...

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6 Stunning Celeb Outfits To Inspire Your Sangeet Style!

StarWeddings - A Complete Wedding Service Company Chennai

Your bestie’s shaadi is like excitement at an all new level! But deciding what to wear is such a huge task in itself. So this year, as you prepare to swing it and shake it at your BFF’s sangeet, we bring you some much needed inspiration from the glamorous world of Bollywood. Steal these fab styles to cast an everlasting impression!

Cropping it in yellow

Now Aditi Rao Hydari sure knows how to look her very best – every time! For a Dilli ki shaadi, she chose a vibrant yellow crop top and skirt set. It’s such a fun fusion lehenga with colourful art and a relaxed silhouette. She styled it with pretty, gold jhumkis, slicked back hair and fresh dewy makeup. Dance all night?! With this look you certainly can!

A sexy, fusion style

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StarWeddings  - A Complete Wedding Service Company Chennai

We all know that make-up is best friend for most of the women, and some of us can’t picture themselves not wearing it. But the first thing people usually notice about your appearance, are the eyes. Want to look at a polished version of you on your wedding day? Even though wedding makeup is usually very simple and neutral, it’s one of the hardest makeup looks to create and it should last all day, inspite of all the crying, hugging, kissing, eating and dancing it has to be” PICTURE PERFECT”As it is your big day!
 Eye make-up can really change the way you look, open your eyes and brighten the face.To ensure that your foundation lasts the whole day, using a primer as a base is essential. It prepares the skin for make-up and creates a protective base that foundation can ‘grab onto’. Skin will remain shine-free and any pores or fine lines will be erased, leaving a smooth and perfect surface.

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Pocket Squares for Groomsmen

The pocket square is a small accessory which can enhance the look of your groomsmen. Moreover it can add different looks to the same suit just like how ties can change the look of the same shirt. This was a Greek concept where back in the day, when wealthy Greeks carried around perfumed hankies. It is typically a handkerchief which has evolved and is now used more as an accessory.

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Prioritize your wedding budget

StarWeddings- A Complete Wedding Service Sollutions

There are gazillions of articles with instructions on cutting your wedding budget. “Cut your guest list,” they say…uhhh….duhh… where the guest list is usually a 500 person minimum. Unfortunately, the majority of the advice out there does not apply to big-fat-Indian weddings. Yours truly has rounded up very applicable tips on saving on your very wallet heavy:

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Wedding Magic by Star Weddings!

Weddings without and with Star Weddings

Wedding planning isn’t all fun and games! Until you really get into the preparations for your big day, it is impossible to figure out how much work is involved and how many details need to be taken care of. Hiring a wedding planner makes your planning 50% easier. We’ll help you get through your planning process step by step and take stress out of the equation and make your wedding a magical one. Here’s what you’ll experience having your wedding with us :)

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