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Pocket Squares for Groomsmen

The pocket square is a small accessory which can enhance the look of your groomsmen. Moreover it can add different looks to the same suit just like how ties can change the look of the same shirt. This was a Greek concept where back in the day, when wealthy Greeks carried around perfumed hankies. It is typically a handkerchief which has evolved and is now used more as an accessory.

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Old-School Wedding Decor Items That Are Making a Comeback

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Veer all you want towards Western motifs and contemporary elements; the charm of the old-world remains unmatched. Wedding planners all over the country are bringing back slices from the eras gone by, and incorporating them in a brand-new manner to take wedding décor to an all new level. So, here go some new-age Indian-inspired décor tips that’ll not only revamp your traditional theme, but leave a long-lasting impression on your guests:

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Beautiful Wedding Destinations In India

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1. Hill Fort, Kesroli

A unique heritage resort, Hill Fort dates back to the 14th century. Located on the outskirts of Alwar, Rajasthan, it offers history, fantasy and rustic charm. From an afternoon ceremony on the sun-soaked terraces to a magical wedding in the candle lit gardens, Hill Fort is what dream weddings are made off. The sunset is an absolutely breathtaking sight.

Must Do: They have amazing spa treatments for your relatives and friends to enjoy. Vintage car rides and camel rides make for great attractions for the guests.

Advantages: You get wonderful options in terms of folk dancers, bangle makers and puppet shows. Local decorators too are well trained and do a good job of floral arrangements.

Location: Three-and-a-half hour drive from Delhi

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Prioritize your wedding budget

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There are gazillions of articles with instructions on cutting your wedding budget. “Cut your guest list,” they say…uhhh….duhh… where the guest list is usually a 500 person minimum. Unfortunately, the majority of the advice out there does not apply to big-fat-Indian weddings. Yours truly has rounded up very applicable tips on saving on your very wallet heavy:

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Really Interesting Photo Backdrop Ideas For The Bride Who Wants Something New!

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Props are oh-so-fun and big bold backdrops have been done already. In any case, if you’re a bride who likes to keep it minimalistic and a little western, not too much jazz and not too much kitsch, then these interesting photo backgrounds are soooooooo up your alley. Fresh up and fabulous, girls! It’s all about the new and the in.

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WEDDING INVITATION – “The Wedding Inspiration”

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The wedding invitation cards is more than a mere piece of stationery; it is the beautiful medium through which the guest gets information about the big event. After all, the wedding invitation cards reflect the soon to be married couple’s true happiness. Families sit together and put extra efforts for the perfect design, colors and wordings to describe their perfect emotions and the final customized invite is adorned with words of love and blessings, requesting the guests to bless the couple with their presence.
When you’re sending out wedding invitations, while you want your invitees to get all the details they need such as date, time, and location, what you really want is for them to receive a beautifully crafted package that represents the personalities of you and your fiance

  • Keep your budget in mind.
  • Go for a card that matches with your wedding theme or motifs of your wedding saree
  • Always check the price of the card at least from three stores.
  • Ask for discount.
  • Plan in advance!

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OMG…!!!! Wedding planner experts just a call away…!!!!!!!


Weddings are one of life’s greatest milestones and have been for centuries. For so many women, the wedding day has been something they’ve been told is the most important day of their lives; and consequently they’ve been fantasizing about their big day .You probably would have never planned a wedding before, but can definitely see couples gone totally insane while planning their wedding. It is not just about you, but having to prepare everyone for the wedding, you have to make sure that all of your family and your future partner’s family are taken well care along with other things
We tend to put so much bearing, weight and importance on making sure everything about the big day is completely perfect, that the day is almost ruined by stress and fatigue. You only get one wedding day and you should be standing back and enjoying the moment, not worrying about trivial things that someone else could be handling.

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Decor Ideas You’d LOVE For Your Wedding!

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Our attention to every last detail and exceptional time management will calm your nerves as we execute your perfect wedding. We will use our creative knowledge to create unique themes from vintage to modern theme based decors things can be well handled from a traditional base to a well fashioned modern look one that will leave your guests awe-struck. We'll be with you in every step of the way in choosing your customized décor we will make sure that the look and feel of your wedding will leave family and guests talking for years. Decors can make your venue and paradise it irrespective of the budget wholly on the lasting creativity and imagination...

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A Photo Booth is a modern take on pictures similar to passport size photo, but with fun added to the experience. Your guests dress up using the supplied props, position themselves in the booth, push the start button and smile (or pull some funny face depending on their mood).
It is no question to include the novelty of a fun, prop-filled photo booth to an Indian wedding event. Convincing Indian parents to pay for this “extra” expense is a great task, it is easy to DIY a Wedding Photo Booth and remain classy and tasteful. Now, there are two ways you can go about doing this chose one of our recommended photographers to help out with a photo booth station or get your friends and family to help you pull it off

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