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10 Tips to plan the perfect wedding

10 Tips to plan the perfect wedding

Getting married? We know the feeling. There are a million things to plan for a wedding. Not to mention the stress, sleepless nights and the anticipation for your wedding. What if something goes wrong? What if the dress does not come on time? What if the food is not great at the wedding?

Well, these are some of the things that will be running on our minds before our D-Day. Now that you have landed on this blog post, take a deep breath and read on and perform a checklist for the things to do to get that perfect wedding!

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How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Planning a Wedding


Unless you’re a professional event organizer, planning your wedding isn’t going to be a cakewalk. Though the almighty Google could give you different ideas for a beautiful wedding, nothing can make your day stress-free until you take necessary initiatives to avoid chaos. Let’s have a glance at some tips for avoiding mistakes while you plan your wedding.

1.Create a Guest List

It’s your wedding! We know… You’re engaged! You’re tensed! You’re excited! You’re on your toes! Before you send invites to your guests, prepare a guest list. Decide on the composition of crowd you wish to have. This might be just your close friends or everybody that you know from your family. This is one thing that is more likely to create chaos on your life’s most important day because you may need to book restaurants for your guests if they exceed your home’s accommodation capacity. And none of us should expect our guests to adjust! Hence, confirm if everybody of your list is in agreement and then go ahead to booking your rooms.

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7 Tips For Getting Wedding Professional Photographers On Your Budget

Budget Wedding  Professional Photographers

Wedding day is the most magical day of your entire life that is always remembered and celebrated! We know that you will want to cherish every moment of your wedding for the rest of your life with your children and even with your grandchildren. You may cuddle upon the couch with your children narrating them how memorable was that day with your wedding album. But as the popular saying goes, “A Picture speaks a thousand words”, a good photo shouldn’t need a story to explain but has to speak for itself. A Professional photographer helps you that way better! While we keep looking for ways to cut corners, I guess photography will be our first hit. Don’t worry; here are few tips to get Professional wedding photographers on your budget without any compromise on quality. Let’s go!

1.     Hire a Photographer Who Works From Home

Using a photographer working from home will certainly help you save a couple of bucks because the one who owns a studio will charge you extra for his use of studio by passing on those costs upon you. So, Beware!

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